Speaking Alarm Clock 4

[Speaking Alarm Clock] Memo and Sentence

New feature!!(Patent pending function) Menu> Notes and Sentence Management Create a group of sayings, todos, study, ideas, etc. and write sentences and notes. You can also automatically show on-time notifications and alarms, or have a voice briefing automatically. Hourly sentences managed by on-time notifications can also be brought at a time. You can share sentences directly to SNS. If you pres..

[Speaking Alarm Clock] Optimize battery usage

Samsung devices standard If you don't use the app for a few days or if you reach the manufacturer's battery optimization criteria, alarms and notifications won't go of fire well. To make alarms and notifications sound well, 1. Choose an app that Apps not optimised. 2. Select All 3. Find the Speaking Alarm Clock app and turn it off. 4. Press the back key to return to the app. https://play.google...