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[Speaking Alarm Clock] Memo and Sentence

New feature!!(Patent pending function) Menu> Notes and Sentence Management Create a group of sayings, todos, study, ideas, etc. and write sentences and notes. You can also automatically show on-time notifications and alarms, or have a voice briefing automatically. Hourly sentences managed by on-time notifications can also be brought at a time. You can share sentences directly to SNS. If you pres..

Talking Alarm Clock -How to use the On-Time Tab

Just click the area. 1. Blue dot rectangle- will show the Default text dialog for editing. 2. Red dot rectangle- will show the Active hours dialog for editing. 3. Yellow dot rectangle- will show the Hourly text dialog for editing. 4. Green dot rectangle- will show the On Time Set dialog for editing. 5. Purple dot rectangle- will show the Interval dialog for editing. Then you can edit time / text..

[Hourly Talking Alarm Clock] Talking the time with your own text on every hour. Reminder!

It's really easy to use!Just power on the app then will talk the time with text from 8am to 10 pm everyday automatically.(Don't worry! Nothing to set except clicking Power On.) Schedule Reminder! Preview button (Right round play button)--> You can hear the next time's alert(bell, text, led, vib). Text Reader- Copy and Paste to Hourly Text Edit Box: article, wise saying, book, poet, provision, bi..

[Free] Hourly reminder, chime, alarm (Talking/Speaking Clock)

Make sentences what you want to listen(voice) every hour on hours.Real Exactly On Time Never Miss On Time Uses battery and cpu only 24 seconds a day .Set every on hour 0 ~ 59 minutes Talking Reminder/Alarm Clock - Available speed, a person(male, female;samsung avail), engine(google..) (But, these options depends on Manufacturer or Devices.) Go Google Play to get free app Minutes, sentences want ..